M/S Turkish Delight
Interested in sports, excursions, and activities during your next yachting vacation?  
Worried that your children may get bored? 
On board M/S Turkish Delight we offer a variety of activities, 
sports, excursions, and things that the whole family can do.  Whether you enjoy swimming, hiking, 
biking, running, scuba diving, snorkeling, wake boarding, water skiing, tubing, 
paddle boarding, kayaking, wind surfing, diving, sun tanning, board games, lounging, 
or just plain sleeping it is all here just for you !

View from the hike to the castle ruins in Bozuk Buku, Turkey

In Turkey and the Greek Islands there are hikes and walks 
located at almost every anchorage.  
Whether you prefer to take a stroll in the morning or before 
the sun sets the option is all yours.  Hike to ancient 
Lycian Tombs perched on the cliffs, castle ruins on the hill tops, 
or walk along the waters edge to petroglyphs etched in 
stone.  View the beauty of the Aegean from 
both the water and the sea !!  

   Tubing in the large bay of Gocek

Interested in water sports?  On board M/S Turkish Delight we are 
fully equipped with paddle boards, a kayak, water toys, wake boards, 
tubes, and snorkel equipment, which will provide endless 
entertainment everyday.  Even if the water does not tempt you, 
we also carry on board 4 bikes so the whole family can enjoy a ride 
along the stunning Turkish or Greek coastline.   While underway we also 
carry a stationary bicycle trainer for the avid athlete.      
View of Dalyan at the top of Ancient Craunos 

Turkey and Greece are both bursting with culture and history.  Take the time to visit the array of ruins and artifacts, that date all the 
way back to Greek, Roman, Ottoman, Carian, 
and Lycian times.  If you are interested in culture the small towns, markets, and shops are a must!  We offer customized 
excursions or daily tours that can be organized for you at any time.  
The crew know the coastline and its history 
intimately, and can guide you 
every step of the way.    
Sail in Turkey or the Greek Islands

If sailing is what you are interested in, our new masts and rigging offer the 
most amazing sailing experience each day.  Lounge on the foredeck 
that is equipped with 14 day beds and a seating area that offers 
absolute comfort while watching the waves go by.  You can also relax at the aft of the 
boat under the shade, chat with the captain, or help our first mate Brother catch 
tonights dinner, fresh fish !!! Relax and enjoy while 
sailing off into the sunset.