M/S Turkish Delight


Ancient Lycian rock tombs, Fethiye

Day 1: Pick up Fethiye, Turkey

The town and harbor of Fethiye lie in the large bay of Fethiye Adasi located at the base of the
Taurus mountain range where you can still view the snow capped mountaintops in early
spring and late autumn.  Lying in the cliffs behind the town are also several Lycian rock
tombs that can be seen from anchor.  They are accessible by foot from the marina for a
short tour before departing to the bay of Gocek.  The largest of the tombs is the Tomb of
Amyntas, an imposing tomb with Iconic columns dating from the 4th century BC. 
Just west of the tombs also lays the ruins of a medieval fort. 

Ruin Bay, Skopea Limani               

Day 2: Fethiye - Tomb Bay - Ruin Bay (Hamam Koyu, Cleopatra's Bay), Turkey
Once we pick up anchor from Fethiye we spend the day sailing to Skopea Limani stopping for lunch in Tomb Bay.  Here on the steep cliffs lie more Lycian rock tombs.  These tombs were created by the inhabitants of Crya, an ancient provincial town located on the summit of the cliffs.  It is worth taking a short hike to the tombs for the view and the ancient relics themselves.  Also located on the shore is a fish painting supposedly created by an Istanbul artist, Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu in 1974.  In the evening we will set anchor in Ruin bay know for its sublime beauty.


Day 3: Ruin Bay - Ekincik, Turkey (Dalaman)

From Ruin Bay we will set sail to one of the most beautiful beaches in Southern Turkey, Dalaman Buku. Here we will stop for lunch where you can swim to the beach or visit the local sea turtle sanctuary. For the evening we will go to Ekincik My Marina nestled at the base a spectacular pine clad mountain range.

Bay of Marmaris

Day 4: Ekincik – Marmaris, Turkey

In the morning we highly recommend you take a small boat from Ekincik up the Dalyan River to visit the ancient Caunos and rock tombs. This is a spectacular piece of history sited on what use to be the border between Caria and Lycia. Caunos bares ruins of baths, a small amp theater, temple, and market place, all of Roman origin. If you are adventurous you can also take a short climb to a marvelous view of Dalyan village, the river, and the sea. On the way back you will stop to feed the sea turtles with blue crab from the river an amazing experience!!    

Once you have arrived back to the boat we will set sail and enjoy a lovely cruise to the bay of Marmaris.

Day 5: Marmaris – Ciftlik Koyu, Turkey

Marmaris is a booming tourist resort settled in a pine tree encrusted triangular bay. Known for its beauty and clam waters it homes one of the largest yachting communities in the Southern Turkish waters. The town has a variety of things to see and do including castle ruins, and a large indoor and outdoor market.

After a morning in Marmaris we will cruise the bay and absorb its natural beauty. From here we will sail to Ciftlik Koyu.


Day 6: Ciftlik Koyu – Boynuz Buku, Turkey
After having a wonderful breakfast in the bay of Ciftlik we pick up anchor for a lovely day sail to the bay of Boynuz Buku located in Skopea Limani.  Here the pristine calm waters are perfect for an evening swim, waterskiing, or a short jaunt on the paddleboard.  


Day 7: Boynuz Buku – Yassica Adalari – Gocek

After a morning of water sports and fun we will pick up anchor for a day sail around the stunning Kopea Limani islands. For lunch we will visit Yassica Adalari a stunning cluster of islands with azure clear waters. In the afternoon we will sail to Gocek to visit a traditional Turkish town that has now been converted to a booming yachting community.


Day 8: Gocek – Fethiye

After a wonderful brunch we will depart from Gocek harbor or we will motor around to Fethiye for a noon departure after an amazing vacation on S/V Turkish Delight!!  


Additional Photographs
of the Itinerary from Fethiye - Gocek or Fethiye, Turkey